I just discovered quinoa porridge. (Alternate title: I think I’m in breakfast love!)

Quinoa porridge with berries and almonds. Yummo!

Quinoa porridge with berries and almonds. Yummo!

Quinoa is another of those things that seemed to burst onto the health scene all of a sudden, which means we would be forgiven for thinking this a newly discovered seed (yep, it might look like a grain but it’s actually not); however, it has been eaten in some parts of the world for thousands of years.

While we might be a bit slow to the game here in Australia, we have made up for our tardiness by wholeheartedly embracing this little seed. And I’m doing my bit to help.

I have been experimenting with quinoa for a few months: using it as the base for quiche (just soak it for an hour, mix in an egg and line your tray with it), as a side dish for my vegie curries, or simply mixing it with some vegies and spices like cumin and tumeric. Until today, though, I hadn’t tried it as porridge.

I’m a breakfast girl. Always have been. There’s no better way to start the day than by sitting down to a healthy and delicious meal that I know is going to nourish my body and give me energy for the day to come. Because of this love of mine, I can’t quite believe it has taken me this long to get around to trying quinoa flakes for breakfast. Anyway, I got there eventually. Better late than never, right?

Given that I am currently visiting my parents in the chilly north-east region of Victoria, I figured this morning was the perfect time to give quinoa porridge a go. I was delighted at how easy it is! To make the bowl pictured above (there’s a funny story about that photo, which I’ll tell you in a minute), I just combined two cups of almond milk and one cup of quinoa flakes in a saucepan, then added a tablespoon of melted coconut oil. While it was bubbling away on the stove, I chopped up some almonds and defrosted a quarter of a cup of frozen mixed berries. I then tipped the porridge into a bowl and sprinkled the almonds and berries on top. Told you: easy.

I highly recommend giving quinoa porridge a try for breakfast if you are looking for an alternative to regular oats, or you need some extra protein, or you’re just plain old human. It really is that good.

Oh, I almost forgot! Funny story. I was feeling pretty happy with how visually appealing the dish looked because, hey, I’m no food photographer. As I was checking out my mad berry-arranging skills, I somehow lost all ability to use these opposable thumbs I was blessed to be born with and, guys, I DROPPED MY PHONE INTO THE PORRIDGE. Like, straight into the bowl.

I think I’ll be trying to get quinoa out of the headphone jack for the next week.


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