What I eat when at work: the snacks edition

A sample of my work snacks.

A sample of my work snacks.

Following on from my post about what I eat for lunch when I’m at work, I thought it would be good to do a piece on what I snack on in the office.

Snacking has become a dirty word and I’m here to tell you that I think it shouldn’t be. If you snack right, you can jam in a tonne of extra nutrients every day that you would otherwise have missed out on. And who doesn’t like a bit of something delicious with their morning cup of tea, amiright?!

Speaking of tea, that’s something you want to get onto if you are looking for ways to fill your body up with things you otherwise might not eat. Look for the organic herbal varieties to get even more nutritional bang for your buck. I like English Tea Shop and Pukka (Pukka is an Australian company, which gives them bonus points). Both of these brands have an extensive range of tea and they have a lot of combinations I haven’t seen anywhere else. They are also reasonably priced, compared to some other more well known brands.

OK, back to food. One of the easiest ways to make sure you reach for something good when the 3pm munchies hit is to make a trail mix. Now, I can see you rolling your eyes (well, figuratively I can see it. I’m not some webcam creeper who is watching you read this… or am I?) but stay with me. When I say trail mix, I don’t mean your regular garden-variety sultanas, crusty old dried apricots, peanuts and sunflower seeds. I’m talking flavour-explosion combinations like inca berries, honey-coated dried apricots, crunchy hazelnuts, dark-chocolate-covered goji berries and activated almonds.

Dried apple, inca berries, chocolate coated cranberries and activated almonds.

Dried apple, inca berries, chocolate coated cranberries and activated almonds.

I make up a jar of trail mix at the start of the week and keep it in my desk drawer. I am on a mission to find the perfect combination. I think the pictured mix comes pretty close but it could have been improved with some cashews or seeds.

Having something with a bit of sweetness on hand stops me from heading to the vending machine in search of an energy hit. I like to match my snack with a herbal tea. I have a whole drawer dedicated to tea: green, jasmine, gynostemma (this magical substance deserves a whole post of its own), ginger, white, and about eleventy million more.

I have recently discovered Spiral Foods Brown Rice Chips and, even more recently, I have discovered I am on a somewhat unconscious mission to eat my weight in them by the end of the month. They are all kinds of delicate deliciousness. The chips are spun with centrifugal force to remove excess oil and powdered with nori sea vegetable and sea salt. These little beauties are great for when you are in the mood for something savoury.

Other snacks that feature regularly in my drawer are bananas, apples and raw vegan slices. I also keep tubs of organic natural unsweetened yoghurt in the fridge along with chia seed puddings, which I make and store in old jam jars. In the warmer months, I chop up carrot, celery, zucchini, mix it with some cherry tomatoes, and store it all in containers. I bring in a different dip each week and use the vegies instead of salt-loaded crackers to get my dip fix.

I’ve learnt that key to avoiding the vending machine is to make sure I’m prepared with a range of different snacks to cover any craving. I’m motivated to snack on good food because it gives me the energy to power through my work, which means I am more productive.

So, unintentionally, it appears that my message is this: snack on the right foods and you will be a better employee. Bosses, you are welcome.



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