My blueberry and hemp seed super smoothie

Such pretty colours!

Such pretty colours!

That I love green smoothies will come as no surprise to those who have spent any amount of time with me; however, there is enough space in my life (or blender) for many other types of smoothies too. I mean, who am I to turn down the veritable smorgasbord of amazing fruit, superfoods and crunchy seeds that Mother Nature has given us!

It was Dad’s birthday on Sunday so I headed back up to the country to celebrate with him, my sister and Mum. Before leaving Melbourne, I loaded up my car with a heap of fresh organic produce from my favourite grocer so I could make smoothies and juices while I was away. Dad has a Champion juicer, so I always take advantage of having access to it while I’m visiting and make lots of green juices. I don’t currently have a juicer so it’s a novelty to be able to use one but, you guys, guess what? I’M GETTING A JUICER! Yes, I know I didn’t need to shout but I am so excited! It should arrive in a fortnight and I can’t wait for its shiny new goodness to be in my kitchen. If you never see me again, it’s because I drowned in an ocean of juice. I’ll make sure I post some delicious juice recipes here first though.

Anyway, back to my smoothie story. So, I didn’t arrive until late on Friday night, which meant that come Saturday I was feeling a bit sleepy and needed a pick-me-up. I hunted through my stack of goodies and pulled out some frozen blueberries, almond milk and hemp seeds. I then raided the kitchen and found an avocado, a few strawberries and some chia seeds.

The Ingredients*

So much goodness in one photo!

So much goodness in one photo!

  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 3 strawberries
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • tbsp. of chia seeds
  • 1/2 a cup of hemp seeds
  • Enough almond milk to cover everything once it’s in the blender (‘enough’ is a measurement, right?!)

* Makes one large glass

The Process

Waiting to be blitzed up.

Waiting to be blitzed up (featuring the Champion juicer in the background).

That heading is a bit deceiving, right? It promises in-depth steps when the reality of it is that I just dumped everything in the blender and turned up the dial. So, erm, just do that, OK?

The Finished Product

Purple love.

Purple love.

Chuck in some more strawberries because they look pretty and sprinkle on some more hemp seeds because, well, do you really need me to explain why (hint: they are crazy delicious) and Bob’s your uncle. Or something.

Enjoy, kids!


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