Fertility Fridays: why your hormones need maca

Loving Earth's maca is great tasting and great value.

Loving Earth’s maca is great tasting and great value.

Welcome to week two of Fertility Fridays. This week I want to tell you a bit about my absolute favourite hormone fixer, maca. Maca has approximately eleventy million benefits and today I want to focus on how it supports the endocrine system and, thus, helps keep you nice and fertile.

Maca’s biggest drawcard is that it is an adaptogen, which means that it helps your body to balance itself out. For example, if you have a sluggish thyroid, maca will help to rev it up. If your thyroid is overactive, maca helps to make it less active. Clever, yes?

While you will usually see it in a powdered form, it is actually a root vegetable from Peru. It has a slightly nutty flavour and it tastes great when combined with raw cacao. The Peruvians have been clued on to maca’s truckload of benefits for a very long time. Thankfully they were kind enough to spread the maca love with the rest of the world, and you can now find it at any good health food store. If you can’t get to one of those, you can pick it up online. Loving Earth’s maca is my favourite.

Along with its ability to give your body a gentle push in the right direction, it is also a superhero on the nutrition front because it is chock full of minerals, amino acids, enzymes and, of course, vitamins (especially B vitamins). This is what makes it so great for sorting out any hormonal issues you may be experiencing. I find that if I haven’t been taking maca regularly, my PMS makes me a wee bit cray cray. However, if I make sure I’m getting one teaspoon of it a day, I’m fine.

Maca is, of course, a great thing to be taking if you are trying for a baby because of its ability to enhance fertility but it provides such good support for your hormones that it’s a good thing to be taking at any time. If your moods are a bit all over the place, maca will help to level them out. If you are menopausal, it will help there too. It also helps to boost libido and, hey, that’s a win for everyone involved!

So, how do I take it? I usually just add a teaspoon to my smoothie. If you’re not a smoothie person you can just mix it in with some yoghurt or get it in capsule form, if that’s more your style.

You can see why I love maca now, right?


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