Why I drink clay

A glass of clay a day keeps the heavy-metal and radiation away.

A glass of clay a day keeps the heavy-metal and radiation away.

Yep, you read that right. About three months ago, I started drinking clay. Now, before you worry that I have developed a severe case of pica (a disease that is characterised by the desire to eat dirt), let me explain a couple of things: this isn’t just any old slimey garden-variety clay that you would find at a building site. It’s food-grade Bentonite clay and it is totally safe for consumption. The one pictured in this post is from Australian Healing Clay. It’s reasonably priced and is an Australian company, which means it gets extra points.

You’re probably wondering why on Earth I’m suggesting that drinking clay is a good idea. Clay is an excellent heavy-metal detoxifier. If you have ever been on an aeroplane, have metal fillings, put fuel in your car, had your hair dyed or, you know, just generally been alive for any period of time, chances are you have some level of heavy-metal build-up in your body. It also strips out other toxins, like fluoride (from our water supply), pesticides and fungicides, and chemicals like food dyes.

How does it work? The simplest way to think about it is that clay particles are negatively charged, whereas the toxins I outlined above (along with pretty much everything that is bad for your body) are positively charged. As the clay moves through your digestive system, the positively charged toxic particles stick to the clay. The toxins are then carried out of your body via a bowel movement. (And I was so sure I was going to get through this post without mentioning poo! Sorry guys.)

Clay has a surprisingly mild taste. It barely has any flavour at all, so if you are imagining digging into a gross-tasting glass of dirt, you can put your worries aside! I can actually barely even taste in.

The best time to drink clay is first thing in the morning (I drink it before my oil-pulling session), so that it can move through your system more easily. To take it, just mix one teaspoon of the powdered clay with a glass of filtered water. I use a wooden or plastic spoon to do this because I want to avoid the clay pulling anything from the spoon if I was to use a metal one. I don’t know what the likelihood of this happening is but I would rather not take my chances. Once you have finished the glass of clay, follow it up immediately with a plain glass of water. This will help flush the clay through. Easy.

If you want more information about the benefits of drinking clay, I suggest reading Ran Knishinsk’s The Clay Cure.

Still not convinced? All vegetarian mammals around the world have always eaten clay. It’s really not that weird.


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