Six reasons why I love chia seeds

Hard to believe such little things could contain so much goodness!

Hard to believe such little things could contain so much goodness!

There is so much to love about chia seeds. They are versatile little suckers that boast a huge range of health benefits. I eat them pretty much every day because they are an easy way to support your health without too much hassle.

Among other things, chia seeds sport the following benefits:

  1. They are loaded with protein. Each seed contains 20% of the stuff! And they are a complete protein source, which means they include all of the essential amino acids.
  2. They have a bucket load of omega 3s (substantially more than salmon and you can get the omegas without risking a side of mercury poisoning).
  3. They are chock full of vitamin C (a lot more than what you’d find in the good ol’ orange).
  4. Their calcium levels are off the chart. As are their iron levels.
  5. They are fantastic at balancing blood glucose levels.
  6. They taste great!

As I said, I eat them every day. I always add them to my smoothies and I also sprinkle them on my oats, in my stir fries and risottos, and make chia pudding to take with me for a quick and nutritious snack.

There are a million different chia seed pudding recipes (just type ‘chia seed pudding’ into Google to see what I mean) but my favourite type is to blend up some frozen berries with a bit of almond milk, cacao and acai powder then stir the mixture through some chia seeds and pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes to set. You can also add hemp seeds for an extra boost. Don’t worry too much about measurements. Chia seeds are really forgiving!

You can pick you chia seeds from the supermarket or any health food store. As always, go for the organic variety if you can. Oh and both black and white chia seeds offer the same benefits so it’s up to you which variety you prefer.


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