Have you noticed that it’s hip to be healthy?

My bestie and I after finishing last year's Melbourne Marathon, which had record entries.

My bestie and I after finishing the 10km race in last year’s Melbourne Marathon, which had record entries.

I’m pretty passionate about health. Oh, you hadn’t noticed? I love how I feel when I am nourishing my body, mind and spirit with vibrant food, healthy thoughts and a loving attitude. I want to see others experiencing the sort of transformation in their lives that I have seen in mine, which is a big part of why I am vocal about my understanding of health (hence, this blog). I wasn’t always this open about my diet and lifestyle though.

For a long time, I pretended I didn’t meditate frequently (I do), that I thought pharmaceutical drugs weren’t harmful to you (they are) and that, you can’t heal your body by rebalancing it naturally (you can, and it’s the only way that true healing can ever really take place).

Why did I pretend I didn’t think the way I do? Fear. I was scared of what people would think, worried that my friends would think I’m weird and wouldn’t want to know me anymore, and that I’d be an outcast. I’d love to be able to say one day I just decided to forget about what other people think and never looked back but that’s just not the case. It was a slow but steady process for me to reveal my truth beliefs. And you know what I have found? The more I am open and upfront I am about my passion for health, the more people around me open up about their own journey toward vibrant health. It’s contagious.

We are waking up and discovering true health, and it’s marvellous. Day by day, we are using clean food to emerge from the fog that is induced by the white-bread, processed-food, sugar diet that we have been eating for too long. As we crowd out the less-than-fabulous food with real food, we start to hear the messages our bodies are constantly sending us. When we feed our body and mind well and it repays us with a clarity about life that we might never have thought possible (I sure as heck didn’t). And we are sharing the news with those around us. I love this!

I get so excited whenever I see a colleague drinking a green smoothie with pride or when I get an e-mail from a reader who has just tried quinoa for the first time or is seeing great results from their oil pulling practice. This is what it is about: sharing our discoveries and spreading the word.

Everywhere I look, I see yoga studios popping up, organic juice bars opening their doors and sustainable, healthy cafes and restaurants filling up with patrons. My favourite vego restaurant in Melbourne, Vegie Bar, has always been busy but over the last year, its popularity has skyrocketed. While this means it is sometimes hard to get a table, it makes me so happy to see so many people eating the food we were meant to eat.

I think this mass awakening is the result of a number of things. We are sick of eating substandard, tasteless produce that often goes bad a couple of days after we get it home from the supermarket. We no longer want to save a couple of dollars by buying factory-farmed meat that is pumped full of water and smells slightly off. We want to reconnect with our local communities and we want to get to know the farmers who grow our food.

That wonderful invention, the internet, has meant that now more than ever we can connect with people who share our vision. Worldwide communities are forming, and they’re making a real difference. It’s an exciting time to be a health nut.

We are creating a global community of likeminded, inspired healthy people. So, if, like I was, you have been keeping quiet about your travels down the path to wellness, can I encourage you step out into the light and share your story? I’d love to hear it.


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