Breakfast, will you marry me?

How to Make Porridge Interesting 101.

How to Make Porridge Interesting 101 = add nuts, seeds, berries and maple syrup.

Confession time: I spend a disproportionate amount of my life thinking about breakfast. Like, a lot of time. If you catch me daydreaming, chances are I’m thinking about amazing breakfast ideas. It totally rocks my little white socks. It is far and away my favourite meal – so much so that I often eat three breakfasts in a day: two in the morning and one at night, instead of a normal dinner. I mean, who wants to be normal anyway? Sing it with me!

We all know the benefits of eating breakfast so I won’t bore you with a sentences that include phrases like, ‘kick start your metabolism’, ‘break the fast’ and ‘reduce your overall caloric intake for the day’. Instead, I want to celebrate changing the way we look at breakfast. Sorry Kellogs but the traditional bowl of sugar-and-preservative packed Just Right just isn’t going to cut it anymore. There are much better options. As an aside, have you ever wondered how cereal companies can advertise their products as being preservative free when the cereal has a shelf life of months? They load up the bag with preservatives instead, which then coat the cereal. Sneaky, right!

Smoothies: the easiest way to cram more good stuff in to your day.

Smoothies: the easiest way to cram more good stuff in to your day.

I have a big, fat, juicy crush on smoothies. (‘No way! We had no idea!’ I hear you all cry.) Looking for an easy, quick and tasty way to up your nutrient count for the day? Say hello to your new best friend, Mr Smooth(ie). I start every weekday (my first breakfast) and some weekend days (weekend days? Is that a term? Who even knows.) with a smoothie. The key to making your smoothie burst with goodness is simple: add a handful of leafy greens, a couple of spoonfuls of the superfood of your choice (think, maca, colostrum, or acai), some low sugar fruit (e.g. berries), a glug of nut milk, and top it off with some seeds (I love hemp and chia). Done. Easy nutrition that you can take with you if you’re in a rush.

Powerhouse weekend brekkie.

Powerhouse weekend brekkie.

If I don’t have to hurry out the door, there is no better way to start the weekend than with a big breakfast, health-warrior style. Serve me up some avocado that has been smashed with lemon juice and chia seeds, then add some grilled tomatoes and perfectly cooked organic eggs, and you’ll have my adoration. Add in butter-fried mushies (all organic, of course) and I’m yours for life.

There are oats under there, I promise!

There are oats under there, I promise!

If you’re more of a cereal girl or guy, just go for quinoa flakes or rolled oats. Before you close the tab in disgust that I could dare to suggest such a boring breakfast, hear me out. You can turn your oats or quinoa flakes into a majestic breakfast by topping them with hemp seeds, pepitas, macadamias (or any nut, really) and frozen berries. You can defrost your berries first, if you prefer, but I like the extra challenge of trying to eat them frozen while avoiding giving myself a brain freeze because that’s just the kind of thrill seeker I am. Or something.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new for breakfast or just given you some food for thought (pun totally intended). If you have any amazing breakfast ideas you think I should know about, let me know in the comments section below or on the Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast, will you marry me?

  1. nessbow says:

    Hear hear! Earlier in the year I tried cutting sugar out of my diet. I did pretty well for about a month. Regrettably, since then I’ve mostly gone back to my old habits, but the one thing that really stuck was my desire to try different, non-sugary breakfast options. I haven’t bought cereal in four months, and instead I’ve been loving poached eggs, oats, wholegrain toast with avocado and breakfast salads for my morning meal. Sometimes I’ll also make my own home-toasted muesli.


      • nessbow says:

        I don’t stick to a strict recipe with my muesli, I just throw in whatever takes my fancy. Generally I’ll use rolled oats, coconut flakes, raw nuts chopped into small pieces, pepitas, sunflower seeds and a generous sprinkling of nutmeg and cinnamon. I’ll add a few tablespoons of melted coconut oil to coat the muesli before I toast it to give it a naturally sweet flavour. It’s gorgeous served with milk or yoghurt.


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