1000 Blessings cafe. A short review.

Quiche with beetroot and rocket salad, and a green juice.

Quiche with beetroot and rocket salad, and a green juice.

If you’re looking for a breakfast or lunch spot that supports local suppliers, and offers a huge range of organic and vegetarian options, then 1000 Blessings is your place. This little gem is tucked away in a residential street of Richmond, between Victoria Street and Bridge Road. It has all the charm of a little cafe in a small country town but with an innovative menu that comes with being located in a big city.

The cafe is welcoming and, despite being quite spacious, gives the the impression of being intimate and cosy. If the weather is fine though, get there early to snag one of the coveted outdoor seats, which leads me to another benefit of the cafe’s location: you can sit outside without having to compete to have a conversation over the roar of cars driving past.

I went there with my mates, Elsa and Warren, for lunch on Saturday and, while it was busy, we were able to get a table straight away. The first thing we did was order a green juice each to start. Warren and I got the kale- and pear-based juice and Elsa got the celery- and green-apple-based juice. We all agreed the juice was fantastic and it was served in generous glasses. I’m a big fan of green juice so anywhere that can make a good one has my vote.

As for food, I ordered the quiche, which was delicate and crisp on the outside. I also got a side salad of beetroot, feta and rocket, which complemented the quiche well. Everything I ate was delicious and I believe a big part of that is due to the ingredients being mostly organic. There is just no substitute for organic produce. Its taste and quality is far superior to conventional produce. And the price of the meals at 1000 Blessings is comparable with that which you would pay at any other cafe. Win, win.

I will definitely be back.


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