How to pimp your hot drink

Golden Latte

Serotonin Eatery’s happy turmeric latte.

Hey lovely people! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because in the last couple of months life has picked me up by my feet and shaken me to my core. I’m still working out how to navigate my way through this new reality. These last few months have brought with them some of the most incredible experiences but also some of the hardest and, if I’m honest, I’m still recovering. I will share more about that all in time but for now, on a lighter topic, I want to talk a bit about what’s been happening in the world of hot beverages.

If your local cafe is still dedicated wholly and solely to perfecting the art of the long black then you might not be aware of the revolution that’s happening to the humble old latte. No longer is it confined to the classic shot of coffee with frothed milk. Cafe owners with a bent towards the health conscious have expanded their menus in recent times to include a couple of hot drinks that are full of health-giving properties.

So, what are the main two pimped drinks that are popping up all over town?

Turmeric Latte (otherwise known as Golden Milk)

As far as I’m concerned, the turmeric latte is the pinnacle of hot drinks. The list of things turmeric helps with is so long that if I had to recommend only one addition to your herbs and spices rack, this would be it. Amongst many other things, the active component – curcumin – benefits immune function, digestion and liver health. It’s a versatile, vibrant little number that will transform the flavour and health qualities of any dish. In our house, it goes in soups, scrambled eggs, on roast veggies, in smoothies and, as soon as my milk frother arrives, in homemade turmeric lattes.

The ingredients in a turmeric latte vary from place to place but the main ingredients are coconut milk*, turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper. It sometimes comes with almond milk instead and you can add cayenne pepper and ginger if you’re after an intense kick.

Matcha Latte

The green hue in matcha lattes comes from ground whole-leaf young green tea leaves, mostly of the Japanese variety. Like its golden friend, this green drink is packed to brim with health-giving properties. It’s loaded up with antioxidants, chlorophyll and amino acids, specifically L-theanine, which relaxes the body and mind.

In a matcha latte, you’ll generally find coconut milk (hello, friend of fat soluble vitamins!), matcha tea powder, hot water and a sweetener of your choice.

So, if you’re after that ritual of having a warm drink without the downsides that can come with a standard cup of Joe, why not try pimping your drink next time you’re out for breakfast!

* Coconut milk is great to use because its high fat content helps your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins in your drink. If you consume these nutrients without fat, your body won’t have as easy a time storing them.

Laura xo

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