Sacred rebellion


Have you ever walked into a room and just known that your life was never going to be the same again, in the absolute best way possible? I was lucky enough to have this experience recently when I completed the first degree in reiki training. Actually, the word training isn’t big enough to describe what I experienced. Transformation is much more accurate.

Having only experienced reiki once many years ago, at a time when I had only the most peripheral awareness of energy work, I didn’t really know what to expect out of the reiki one course. After finding out about Sara’s courses actually took almost a year for me to sign up and commit to taking this next step in my journey through this human existence. I spent months letting my fears of the unknown get the better of me, making up any and all excuses to avoid stepping forward in the direction my soul was crying out to go in. Why do we do that? Let fear stop us? I always find that as soon as I take that next tentative step, everything begins to unfold beautifully. I must remind myself of that next time I’m faced with a decision my mind views as being scary.

Walking into that room two Saturdays ago I took a breath and exhaled my fears. I knew if I was going to get the big, juicy stuff out of this experience I was going to have to surrender to everything that was about to happen. All of it. Not just the parts I felt safe with. Not just the bits that already sat squarely in my comfort zone. No, I needed to grab hold of the stuff that circled outside of the fence of familiarity I have spent my life building. I needed to let go of control and oh boy is that not any easy ask of me.

Let me tell you, dear one, that dropping the reigns on control is so very worth it.

So many big, beautiful shifts have happened that I’m still trying to process and integrate fully into my soul print; a process that will take some time. I’m actually not sure that on a cognitive level I’ll ever really process everything that transpired over those two days, and you know what? That’s OK.

One thing that in particular that Sara talked about did stick and that was the idea of being a sacred rebel.

Sacred rebel.

These two words hit me with such force that when she said them I felt myself inhale sharply, almost as if my soul was whispering, “Yes, these words are for us.”

What does sacred rebellion look like to me? It looks like remembering at a cellular level that we are connected to and part of everything and everyone. There really is no separation in anything except for our minds. It means realising we are stronger when we lead with our hearts than with our minds. It looks like filling our lives with wonder, gratitude and kindness, and are doing no harm but absolutely not taking any shit. It means shaking up the status quo and not taking, “That’s just the way it is,” as an answer anymore. It’s about being playful with our growth and not taking life so seriously, but seriously questioning the engrained beliefs that are stopping us from moving forward. And it means no more hiding under what we think is normal but, rather, shining the unique light of soul out brightly to the world. Yes, definitely that.

We’re waking up and becoming more conscious of what needs to happen in order to heal the world. And you know what? Healing the world simply means healing ourselves from the past hurts, the misunderstandings, the mistreatment and misalignment of our actions with our true purpose. It all starts with us.

It’s time to heal. Will you join me in the ranks of sacred rebellion? From my soul to yours, I sure hope so.

Laura x

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