I’ve loved reading ever since… well, ever since I could read! My bookcases tell the story of my reading history and provide a good insight into the ever-changing way I look at the world.

Below is a list of a few of the books that have had the most impact on my life. There are many more, of course, but I wanted to highlight those books that hold a special place in my heart.

Make Peace With Your Plate, by Jess Ainscough

For those who are yet to acquaint themselves with Jess Ainscough, may I suggest that you change that at your earliest convenience?  A good place to start is her ode to living life like a wellness warrior. Her conversational style ensures the book is an easy read and the simplicity of her message makes this a great place to begin if you are just starting to explore making changes to your lifestyle.

Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer

This book was pivotal to my decision to stop eating meat… but even if you aren’t planning to ditch the steak, Eating Animals provides a new way of looking at the reasons why we eat meat. Jonathan takes you on a journey through the discoveries he made when he started asking question like, what are the economic, social and environmental effects of eating meat? Are there animals that it is straightforwardly right to eat? Are there situations in which not eating animals is wrong?

In Defense Of Food, by Michael Pollan

I devoured the audio version of In Defense of Food in just a couple of days and it changed the way I think about food forever. Michael delivers systematic, compelling information on where we have gone wrong with the modern diet, how we got ourselves into this mess and what we can do to get out of it. The answer he proposes to the age-old question – ‘What should we really be eating?’ – is stunningly simple: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani

This is one of the most inspiring and eye-opening books I have read. Anita tells the story of her life before, during and after cancer. Her near-death experience opened her eyes to a different way of looking at the world, and Anita shares everything she has learned about the true magnificence of each and every one of us. If this book doesn’t inspire you to live a magical life, nothing will!

Dear Lover, by David Deida

Want to know how to get out of the way of yourself and let love guide your relationship? Then Dear Lover is for you… but be prepared to squirm a bit as you read it and recognise yourself in its pages. David has an uncanny knack of shining a spotlight directly on the parts of you that you’re uncomfortable admitting are there. His words helped guide me to a deeper understanding of both my love I have for myself and for my boyfriend.

Vibrational Medicine, by Dr. Richard Gerber

I stumbled across a second-hand copy of Vibrational Medicine just weeks after my best friend passed away and I was immediately drawn to it. I had just finished my first ever reiki session and was searching for something to help me make sense of how the energy from my shattered heart was affecting my health on so many levels. I purchased Vibrational Medicine but after reading a few pages, I put it in my bookshelf. I wasn’t ready. Years later, I picked it up again and read it from cover to cover in the space of a week. Dr. Gerber combines ancient wisdom and new science to create this information-dense reference book on how energetic healing works with modern health care practices. It’s not a light read but it is worth persevering if you are interested in any of the energetic healing modalities.

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