Wellness women

Two of my very favourite wellness women.

Two of my very favourite wellness women, Jade and Amy.

There is something incredibly powerful about a woman who is not only living her truth but is sharing her wisdom with others, empowering them with the information they need to make healthy choices in their own lives.

Seemingly by the day, more and more women are coming into their power and expressing their passion for holistic health to the world through blogs and other forums. It is so inspiring to see other women (both those I am fortunate enough to call my friends and those I admire from afar (in a totally non-creepy way, of course)) spreading the health message! Without further ado, here are some of my favourite wellness women:

Amy (http://www.otherwiseliving.com/)

Amy is the real deal when it comes to living with authenticity. She is one of those down-to-earth, kind-hearted, generous women who 100% walks her talk, and she has a beautiful message to share about living a life that is both wise for you and for our world. Spending time with Amy inspires you to look after yourself better, and that’s one of the greatest gifts someone can give.

Jade Walker (http://www.jadewalker.com.au/)

Jade is a woman firmly grounded in her personal power and who shows up fully to every situation. She is passionate about inspiring others to eat a  more plant-based diet. It is rare to come across someone who is so centered and comfortable in their truth but is equally passionate about expanding her beliefs. Jade is a beacon of wellness and her sharp intellect combined with a big heart makes her a wonderful ambassador for the natural health world.

Sarah Wilson (http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/ and https://iquitsugar.com/)

This woman is changing people’s health one sugar-free day at a time! As a member of the I Quit Sugar club, I can speak first-hand about easy Sarah makes the task of ridding yourself of sugar addiction. There’s more to Sarah than sugar-free living though; her candid and open nature makes her blog (sarahwilson.com.au) a fantastic resource for to-the-point information about health and life, with a side of light-hearted comedy.

Nat Kringoudis (http://www.natkringoudis.com.au/)

Nat gave me my first proper understanding of how ovulation works. When I was 27. Sure, I’d squirmed in my seat through sex ed in year 9 and knew that ovulation was what led to babies but that’s about as far as my knowledge went. After spending an afternoon at Nat’s very first Debunking Ovulation event, I left with my eyes having been firmly opened to how my body actually works. Nat’s mission is to help women (and men!) understand  that when you balance your hormones, you balance your life.

Jess Ainscough (http://www.jessainscough.com/)

Jess was the person who inspired me to start my own blog. Her story is bloody inspiring and she openly shared her journey towards health with such consideration and care that you can’t help but find her message inspiring. After thriving with cancer for seven years, Jess peacefully passed away. Her blog is now closed but I’m leaving this link here to honour the amazing work that Jess did during her time on Earth. Her life was cut decades too short but she added thousands of years to many other people’s lives, and for that we are so very thankful.

Laura xo

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